Lab of Jacob Schwartz

Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry,
University of Arizona

Published journal articles:

1. Coyne AN, Lorenzini I, Chou CC, Torvund M, Rogers RS, Starr A, Zaepfel BL, Levy J,Johannesmeyer J, Schwartz JC, Nishimune H, Zinmaier K, Rossoll W, Sattler R,Zarnescu DC,“Post-transcriptional Inhibitioin of Hsc70-4/HSPA8 Expression Leads toSynaptic Vescicle Cycling Defects in Multiple Models of ALS.” Cell Reports, 2017Oct 3; 21(1):110-125. (PMID:28978466)

2. Ozdilek BA, Thompson VF, Ahmed NS, White CI, Batey RT, Schwartz JC,“Intrinsically disordered RGG/RG domains mediate degenerate specificity in RNAbinding.” NAR, 2017; 45(13):7984-96.

3. Wang X, Schwartz JC, Cech TR, “Nucleic acid-binding specificity of human FUSprotein.” NAR 2015; 43(15):7535-43. (PMID: 26150427)

4. Schwartz JC, Cech TR, Parker RR, “Biochemical properties and biologicalfunctions of FET proteins”, Annu. Rev. Biochem. 2015; 84:355-79. (PMID: 25494299)

5. Schwartz JC, Podell ER, Han SSW, Berry JD, Eggan KC, Cech TR, “FUS issequestered in nuclear aggregates in ALS patient fibroblasts” Mol Biol Cell, 2014;25(17):2571-8. (PMID: 25009283)

6. Schwartz JC, Wang X, Podell ER, Cech TR, “RNA seeds higher order assembly ofFUS protein” Cell Reports, 2013; 5(4):918-25. (PMID: 24268778)

7. Schwartz JC, Ebmeier CC, Podell ER, Heimiller J, Taatjes DJ, Cech TR, “FUS bindsthe CTD of RNA polymerase II and regulates its phosphorylation at Ser2” GenesDev, 2012; 26:2690-95.(PMID: 23249733)

JC Schwartz Previous Publications:

8. Pena-Llopis S, Vega-Rubin-de-Celis S, Schwartz JC, Wolff N, Tran TAT, Zou L, XieX, Corey DR, Brugarolas J, “Reciprocal regulation of V-ATPases and mTORC1”,EMBO J, 2011; 30(16):3242-58.

Commented on by:

a. Jacinto E, “TFEBulous control of traffic by mTOR”, EMBO J, 2011; 30(16):3215-3216

9. Schwartz JC, Corey DR, “Practical considerations for analyzing antigene RNAs(agRNAs): RNA immunoprecipitation of argonaute protein”, Methods Mol Biol,2011; 764:301-15

10. Yue A, Schwartz JC, Younger ST, Chu Y, Gagnon KT, Elbashir S, Janowski BA,Corey DR, “Regulation of Transcription by Small RNAs Complementary toSequences Downstream from the 3' Termini of Genes”, Nat Chem Biol, 2010Aug; 6(8):621-9

11. Hu J, Matsui M, Gagnon KT, Schwartz JC, Gabillet S, Arar K, Wu J, BezprozvannyI, Corey DR, “Inhibiting Expression of Mutant Huntingtin and Ataxin-3 byTargeting Expanded CAG Repeat RNAs”, Nat Biotech, 2009 May; 27(5):478-84

Commented on by:

a. Aronin N, “Expanded CAG repeats in the crosshairs.” Nat Biotech, 2009; 27(5):748-84.

12. Schwartz JC, Younger ST, Nguyen,NB, Hardy DB, Monia BP, Corey DR, JanowskiBA, “Antisense Transcripts are Targets for Small Activating RNAs”, Nat StructMol Biol. 2008 Aug;15(8):842-8.

Commented on by:

a. Arnaud, CH, “RNA-Controlled Gene Expression”, Chem&Engineering News, 2008 July10.

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14. Janowski BA, Kaihatsu K, Huffman KE, Schwartz JC, Ram R, Hardy D, MendelsonCR, Corey DR, “Inhibiting transcription of chromosomal DNA with antigenepeptide nucleic acids”, Nat Chem Biol. 2005 Sep;1(4):210-5.

15. Janowski BA, Huffman KE, Schwartz JC, Ram R, Hardy D, Shames DS, Minna JS,Corey DR, “Inhibiting gene expression at transcription start sites in chromosomalDNA with antigene RNA”, Nat Chem Biol. 2005 Sep;1(4):216-22.

16. Lu X, Hu Z, Schwartz J “Phase Transition Behavior of Hydroxypropylcelluloseunder Interpolymer Complexation with Poly(acrylic acid)” Macromolecules 2002;35(24): 9164-8

17. McDaniel FD, Doyle BL, Seager CH, Walsh DS, Vizkelethy G, Brice DK, Yang C,Rossi P, Nigam M, El Bouanani M, Ravi Prasad GV, Schwartz JC, Mitchell LT,and Duggan JL, “Ionoluminescence decay measured with single ions” NuclearInstruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 2002; 190:1-10.

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